The Injury Diaries

It’s been almost two weeks since I finished the Baltimore Half-Marathon and my right knee is still giving me trouble. I’m not one to self diagnose (in fact I’m banned from Web MD in my house, what with me being a bit of hypochondriac and all) but it seems what I am dealing with is fairly normal. I think I would know if I tore something, since I doubt I could walk let alone workout. Plus the pain moves. Sometimes it’s below the knee in the upper calf or above the knee in the lower hamstring.

But I’m a total hypocrite. Not just a couple of months ago I wrote about the importance of listening to your body and not acting the hero and here I am not really doing much to help myself past RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation). I’ve been reading a ton about exercises I should be doing and, well, I should be doing them but I’m not. But I will. I promise. I guess at some point though, I’m going to have to figure out if it’s time to see a doctor or not. I’ve read recovery can take anywhere from one month to six and that’s without a doctor. I doubt it would come to that though.

Everything I have read made me a prime candidate for this to happen. I’m a first time runner, who overpronates, with an unbalanced body and I was born on a Tuesday. If I knew then what I knew now I could have avoided this. But you know what? This learning experience did not end when I crossed that finish line. I guess we can say this is the post race chapter: The injury chapter.


About charmcityrants

Charm City Rants is written by Jeanne-Michele Vigna, a certified group fitness instructor, an avid traveler and seeker of knowledge, plus an expert of Eurovision and hot dogs. She lives in Baltimore with her husband and two cats. Plus, she obviously likes to complain.
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