Sometimes all a girl needs is a good run

Baltimore Waterfront Promenade

I went for my first run since Thanksgiving yesterday, and the Thanksgiving run was the first since the Half-Marathon in October.  I’ve been having a bit of gym ennui lately and woke up pretty fidgety. Since the weather was cooperating and Wednesday used to be my run day, I decided to suit up and get out of the house and I’m really glad I did.

I am definitely one of those people who get affected by the winter blahs (don’t even get me started on my mood today). We’ve been lucky that we haven’t had a bad winter, but it’s still winter and we still have less sun than normal. I think it’s one of the reasons why I have been so highly de-motivated lately to workout (which isn’t good with the audition next month). But yesterday morning, running along the water with the sun beaming off it – Baltimore all aglow – that definitely gave me an instant perk and I need more of that.

It seemed the other runners were taking advantage of the mild winter weather as well since everyone I passed was smiling, one woman even waved alongside a hearty, happy “Hello”. Even the things that normally annoy me about running outside (like people, and dogs and people with dogs, and cobble stone, my knee, and cars, and people with kids, red lights) none of it soured my cheery disposition. But I think it had more to do with the sun and fresh air more than the run itself, because I’ve been feeling the high few and far between these days. Still, I think I’m going to throw at least one running day back in the mix in case I’m wrong. Not a “training” run yet, just a normal run.


About charmcityrants

Charm City Rants is written by Jeanne-Michele Vigna, a certified group fitness instructor, an avid traveler and seeker of knowledge, plus an expert of Eurovision and hot dogs. She lives in Baltimore with her husband and two cats. Plus, she obviously likes to complain.
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