What Me Run?


How cute, matching shirts.

It was around this time two years ago when Matt came up with the insane idea that I run the Baltimore Half Marathon. Me, the women who would hyperventilate after running one mile, the one who has cried in the middle of training, the one who has given herself third degree burns falling up the stairs with a cup of hot water (yeah I said UP).  And yet, not only do I have two half marathons under my belt, I’m about to embark on my first destination run with friends. Granted it’s only an 8k but it is in New Orleans and we’re not a stupid lot. We needed something we could possibly run hungover (hey why lie).

And now here I am not only considering other races but it’s kind of looking like my race card is full. Matt has been asked to run the Maryland Half Marathon which his office puts on to raise funds for his hospital’s cancer center because well he had it and I would get to run too sans registration fee. But then there is the Baltimore 10 Miler known for the best swag of all races (ask Runner’s World). And then in the past two days I’ve been invited to run two other races, one through Virginia Wine Country and the other the Sole of the City 10k (which looks like it’s got some pretty awesome swag too).  And then this morning, I had the best, fastest run I’ve ever had and with a hangover no less (thank you treadmill)!

So what I want to know is who the hell am I? How the hell did I, of all people, become a runner (if you can call me that)? And not just a runner but the person people ask to run? I never in a million years ever thought I would have reached this level of runner in my life and yet here I am, not only running, but looking forward to running. Oh, and finding myself complaining that all these possible races are getting in the way of me wanting to do a triathlon.

And obviously, two half marathons and one 8k a runner do not make. Matt told me of a woman he knows whose cubicle is nothing but medals and race premiums. I’m clearly not that person or at that level but one could only dream. And yeah, maybe I’m not even sure I want to get to the point. My closet is full of team shirts and race swag and if Matt and I don’t coordinate our outfits before heading to the gym, we inevitably end up in the exact same shirt and get teased for how cute we are for our matching outfits which embarrasses the hell out of the poor guy. I could care less. We’re not that couple, we just don’t think to mention what shirt we grabbed (note to self: ask).

But of course, I cannot and do not plan to do all or any of these races. We all in the race ether know just how expensive these things can be so in the end it’s really a matter of picking and choosing:  A sort of race curating if you would. Whatever I don’t get to this year, I’ll put on the back burner for another (hopefully).


About charmcityrants

Charm City Rants is written by Jeanne-Michele Vigna, a certified group fitness instructor, an avid traveler and seeker of knowledge, plus an expert of Eurovision and hot dogs. She lives in Baltimore with her husband and two cats. Plus, she obviously likes to complain.
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