My Murtaugh Moment

Roger_MurtaughSo far I’m doing well with the new job. Most of the people are nice, money is nice, and it’s a pretty lax place to work. But man, I really am a bit too old for the physicality of being on my feet 6-9 hours a day (welcome back Runner’s Knee). I mean, I handle the shifts just fine; it’s my rest days that get me. On Mondays in particular I find myself waking up, going straight to the couch and not moving until about 4 pm when I decide it’s a good time to shower and get ready to meet Matt for Happy Hour (hello K-Town!).

I have yet to workout more than two days a week but between running around the restaurant floor, serving food, handling Carry Out and at times busing I’m definitely maintain staying in shape (sort of). I’m just glad I was in shape to begin with otherwise I’d be even more pulverized.

Sundays are particularly a challenge because my day goes from 11:30 am to 9 pm and there is only myself and one server on the floor. We don’t have a liquor license for Sunday so there is no need for a lot of staff, but it can still be busy and when there is say a lunch or dinner rush we really are running around like chickens with our heads cut off. Not that we’re in the weeds just that we’re all over the place.

Two Sundays ago someone stole money from the Carry Out tip jar (note: do not leave money unattended). This past Sunday, some ugly-ass, inbred gold chain wearing squinty eyed-tiny little P.o.S came in, looked around, grabbed cash from a table and proceeded to run out the door. I didn’t see it but a customer yelled so I instinctly (Jersey Italian instinctly which means stupidly) ran after his ass. Did I mention he was ugly?  I seriously wanted to punch him in the throat. He couldn’t be more than 12 or 13-years old, and I stopped him demanding the money back, which he instantly handed over to me. He didn’t even deny stealing it. He wasn’t even sheepish about it (supposedly a known neighborhood troublemaker). By the time I got back to the restaurant though I was out of breath and couldn’t talk. Sure the high fives and cheers I got from the restaurant goers was nice, but thank God I run in the first place because I would have never caught him (I did just happen to be wearing my Shamrockin’ Run T-shirt).

Again though, Monday morning I couldn’t move off the couch; worst than normal. I had a cousin in town and was just so zapped of energy I felt ill. I had to cancel hanging out with her which is sad, it would have been nice.

Matt has been making fun of me lately calling me Murtaugh since all I ever say about Sunday is, “I’m too old for this shift.” I feel like eventually it’ll get easier and I won’t be pummeled so much but yeah, I never trained so hard for anything that I ever felt this beat.



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Charm City Rants is written by Jeanne-Michele Vigna, a certified group fitness instructor, an avid traveler and seeker of knowledge, plus an expert of Eurovision and hot dogs. She lives in Baltimore with her husband and two cats. Plus, she obviously likes to complain.
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