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Happy Brain, Happy You

It’s that time of year where we get bombarded with articles about weight loss. The do’s and don’ts and should-do’s and musts and you’re-doing-it-wrong type articles. Ads on TV are for weight loss products and work-out videos and the easiest … Continue reading

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What’s Your Workout Fantasy?

I know most of us from time to time play some sort of fantasy in our head when we are knee deep in the middle of a kick ass workout. And I would like to think that in the middle … Continue reading

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Real Results, Real Slow

Well I did it. Finally. I participated in and passed the weekend-long Body Pump training. I am now allowed to move onto making my video and fingers crossed I will be a bona fide, certified Body Pump Instructor. There are … Continue reading

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Life Gives you Lemons, yada, yada, yada….

I know, I know, it has been a long time since I have posted anything. I won’t go into details or explanation or specifics because it doesn’t matter. Life happened. Life gets in the way. Life got in the way. … Continue reading

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Vortex Shmortex: I’m Done

I know it’s January and I know it’s winter, and I know the Mid-West is getting it worse than Maryland, but I’m ready and done with it already. This Polar Vortex shit plus snow and ice has officially drained me. … Continue reading

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Reality TV Time

Last night, my restaurant partook in the filming of a reality series pilot. And while I wasn’t the focus of the cameras (thank God) it didn’t make it any less weird. The concept of what is tentatively being called Bar … Continue reading

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Mentally Ready to Get Back at it (No, for real this time)

First let me say Happy New Year to you and yours! I surprisingly had a good one, lacking in stress and full of enjoyment. Being  from a large New Jersey Italian family that’s saying something. I got to go home … Continue reading

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